We specialise in clear skin from the inside out and the outside in.

Our beauty philosophy is simple, that real beauty shines and radiates from the inside out, when you feel happy, relaxed and connected to yourself.

This connection to your ‘self’ is a specialist area that we focuses on in each and every unique treatment. We combine holistic touch, bespoke skincare, meditation, sacred energised crystals, yoga, sacred Vedic rituals and ancient healing techniques to connect you to you; too bring you out of the craziness of day to day life and connect you once again to your true being and to nature. We focus on relaxation and reducing stress in order to achieve glowing, beautiful skin.

We specialise in Corneotherapy – a way of treating the skin in which we don’t do any damage. We respect your skin, and in each and every treatment we focus on building and strengthening it, to bring it to the ultimate state of health and balance, homeostasis.

Our homecare plans are built using Dermaviduals, the only corneotherapeutic skincare range on the market, which like us works to strengthen, repair and bring balance to your skin, using plant-based ingredients formulated by German doctor, Dr. Hans Lautenschlager, a pioneer in skin health and vitality. We also work with the naturopathic skincare range Janesce, an organic line made in Australia from an organic farm, which supports skin health and offers both internal and external skin support.

With our diverse range of knowledge within our team, we combine Corneotherapy, Holistic Skin Health, Nutrition, Naturopathy and Yoga to help you achieve your healthiest skin yet, from the inside out and the outside in.

If you are in need of some serious skin help, we recommend you start on our Skin Health Programme, which is tailor made to suit you and always starts with a Skin Health Assessment. Read more about our Skin Health Programme here. If you are just in need of some skin loving, visit our Skin Love facial menu and choose whatever your heart desires. 

We can’t wait to meet you!


"I started The Beauty Elixir with passion and a dream. My desire to help women connect back to themselves and understand the power of nutrition, and the role diet plays on one's skin. We are all innately powerful, beautiful and vibrant, and sometimes we forget this and want to reach for the 'quick fix' to remedy a 'problem' we have with our face. I want to change the way women think about beauty and themselves."

- Romy Burgess, Founder of The Beauty Elixir



"My passion is treating the person as a whole...

and guiding my clients through difficult skin conditions. I love helping people reach their skin goals with beautiful bespoke facials and getting the right balance of Mind, Skin, Body and Soul.

I have also created a beautifully unique Reiki Facial, incorporating the blissful aspects of a holistic facial with personalised chakra oils and the balancing, healing energy that Reiki can offer."

- Vicki Nadin, Senior Facialist & Skin Health Coach at The Beauty Elixir