Feminine Flow: Tuning In To Your Cycle


In this Sacred Space Series we look at our Feminine Flow aka our moon cycles. We’ll be taken through each phase of our cycle, and learn how we should best be, act, do, eat and move within each phase, by our very own naturopath and medical herbalist Kelly Heald.

Kelly will teach you how to look for clues that indicate when your hormones and cycle might need attention, and empower you to take action and support your cycle at home through simple lifestyle and dietary adjustments, through a conversational-style discussion lead by Romy and Anna.

If you desire to gain a better understanding of your monthly cycle, want to learn about how to look after your hormones and your mood during each phase, and what each phase is asking of you on a physiological as well as emotional level, this is the workshop for you.

Participants will each receive a divine goodie bag to take home, as well as treats and tea (not to mention new friends, hurrah!)

Tickets available to purchase here through Eventbrite.

Romy Grbic