Self Care Rituals for That Time of the Month


We all know what time of the month I’m referring to when I say “that time of the month”. How is it, that as women, we usually have 1-6 (or more) uncomfortable days every month of pain, bloating, cramping, PMS etc - and then as soon as it’s over we promptly forget about it, forgetting that yes, about this time next month, we are going to go through it all-over-again.

First of all, I want to start off by saying that pain, discomfort, mood swings, depression, anxiety et al, are not good signs and symptoms. They may be deemed ‘normal’, because most people are affected by them, but they are by no means good things. Each symptom is giving you a signal that your body needs some adjustment. For example cramps signal that you are low in anti-inflammatory omega 3’s (our famous Bestow Beauty Plus Oil will help with that). If you suffer from painful periods, missing periods, long periods, PMS, any or all of the above, first I invite you to book in with our naturopath Kelly, who will help you get your hormones in order.

Next, I invite you to look at this time of each month as sacred. It’s a time where you have permission to take the pressure off, be a bit more gentle and kind to yourself, and indulge in some dark chocolate for the magnesium. Creating a toolkit of self-care rituals that you can pull out at this time of the month can make your period a more enjoyable, feminine, beautiful time.

  1. Take an epsom salts bath

    Bathing in epsom salts is one of the best ways to get magnesium into your body, as it is through our skin that we best absorb it. Turn your bathing ritual into one of beauty. Add some essential oils, bath salts, candles and a hair and face mask. Make it a super indulgent affair and feel like a queen for the night. Don’t have a bath? Your next best option is to soak your feet in an epsom salts bath. Why not turn that into a mini pedicure?

  2. Consider napping a sport

    In the words of hormone and period guru Alissa Vitti, when you are bleeding you are free to “consider napping a sport”. At this time of the month your energy levels are low, your hormone levels are at their lowest, and that HIIT class, hot yoga or pole sport class may not be exactly what you feel like doing. AND THAT’S OK. Tune in to your body, listen to what she really wants (if you feel like a walk in nature, go for it, if you feel like yin yoga, go for it) and honour her. If you do feel like going to yoga, as my mum always says “don’t go upside down”. This is because when we have our period we are expelling excess uterine lining, and by going upside down you are literally tipping your uterus in the opposite direction of out. Not a pretty image. So if all you feel like doing while you have your period is napping, go for it babe.

  3. Turn inward with your journal

    During our period is when we as women are at our most intuitive, so this is the perfect time to reflect on the month that’s just been. What were your highs, what were your lows, and how do you want to set ahead creating more highs and diffusing lows in the coming month? Journalling and free-writing are great practices if you feel like you have some stagnant energy or emotions in your body too. If you know what the root of it is, start there. If you don’t, indulge in some free-writing. Start by putting pen to paper and just allow whatever words that want to come to come. At first it might feel silly and hard, and the words may not make sense. But once you’re in the flow you’ll find that words will start coming, and be ready for what may come up.

  4. Take yourself for a facial (or massage)

    Of course we are partial to going for a facial, and if you’re one of our clients you’ll know that our facials include a LOT of massage, and most times people will say they’d choose an Intuitive Facial at The Beauty Elixir over a massage (if you haven’t had one yet, you need to experience the tension releasing ability of upper body, face, neck and scalp massage. Think scalp massage at the hairdresser on total steroids). But if you’re not a client of ours and aren’t able to be - find yourself a masseuse or facialist who specialises in deep relaxation. Allocate part of your income to when-I’ve-got-my-period self care, and see just how much you look forward to this every month.

Romy Grbic