Vicki's Gut Love Story (Part 2)

Day 2…

Woke up this morning feeling sooo refreshed!! Knowing that i had eaten so cleanly yesterday made me excited for today’s foods!

6.30am Had my morning hot lemon tea ritual whilst getting kids morning routine going and myself ready for the day too. Feeling super positive!

9.15am Waited until school drop off to have my breakfast - i simply took my bowl which was already prepared from yesterday out of the fridge, added coconut yoghurt and my Bestow Beauty Plus Oil and ate it! Easy as that and im in a much calmer mind set today!

10.45am Feeling very very tired and drained (i call it momzombie) as id been up a good 2-3 times in the night with each child at different times and was wide awake for a good hour and half. Really really REALLY wanted a coffee to help me overcome this tiredness, which by now i would have had 2 plus probably a cup of tea!! So not having this in my system for 2 days, im definitely feeling the withdrawal effects!

However, Time for Tea again. I sat down to drink my tea and did some breathing/grounding/meditation to bring me back to life!


12.30pm Lunch time yay! Super easy as was leftovers from last night and again, just took my prepared plate out the fridge and ate it!

Feeling soo full and content and definitely picked me up from my tiredness.

3pm School pick up and I actually missed my afternoon smoothie today because i was still so full from lunch and felt i didnt need to top up.

5pm Probably should have had that smoothie because all I’ve been craving is salty snacks like chippies and cheese and crackers!!

Was a crazy afternoon also with a certain 6 year old who is a girl of immense willful nature… would normally be a “wine time” moment for me, but again resisting the urge.

And now that the kids will be eating within the hour I’m starting to get hungry! Its taking all my willpower not to cave in to all of the above!!!

6pm Dinner prep was super easy as it was soup! The recipe suggested roasting the veges and then transferring to the pot to finish off, but i tweaked it by just throwing them all in the pot and leaving it to do its thing while i attended to homework and getting kids ready for bed - a lot easier for me to be less stressed about.

7.10pm Dinner couldn’t come any sooner as i was starving! But wow this Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato soup was next level delicious! It was nourishing and filling and I didn’t even want to have a slice of toasted Sourdough that i would normally have to dunk in on the side - now that’s saying something!!

Overall - a super easy, low stress day. Everything was prepped the day before and i felt fuller for longer. Im glad i had the willpower to not have snacks or wine as by breaking this habit, my gut will be so much happier and my skin will love me for it too!

And this is what its all about - breaking a habit and creating new habits

  • Its not that hard to do!

  • Its taken me two days!

Romy Grbic