Vicki's Gut Love Story (Part 3)

A bit of a tricky day today as im off to a Seminar with Romy on Microneedling for the skin. I’m really worried about breaking this ritual I’ve now committed to. But I’m going with a strong mind and determined not to eat any treats they have on offer for us!

I’m taking leftover soup in a thermos and a small bottle of Kombucha and I WILL have this for my lunch!!


Up early to get myself ready, kids ready, breakfasts/lunch boxes made and soup ready. Had my hot Lemon water. This was a stressy morning (cue that stress response and inflammation in my skin) as had to leave home at 7.30am to get kids to a friends house before school so I could get to Parnell by 9 - and we all know what Auckland morning traffic is like!!


Todays breakfast I was unable to make due to time restraints, so I made up the smoothie I would normally have in the afternoon and had it on the way. I really didn’t crave any coffee this morning and i know i wont want to have whats usually on offer at these seminars except the herbal teas. So I’m ready and excited to learn some new things today and actually feel I have less brain fog!


Morning tea at this place was so hard because A) I was starving by this point B) There was heaps of delicious muffins staring at me! But I walked straight past the table and got a Zesty Lemon herbal tea instead. GO ME!!



FINALLY LUNCH TIME!! I was incredibly hungry now, and definitely felt my concentration levels had dropped. Fortunately I didn’t even fancy any of the food provided, so sat with my thermos of soup and kombucha (although a slice of toasted sourdough would have been devoured in seconds had I been given the opportunity!!)

I was still hungry... I had to have something else. So had some melon and kiwi fruit slices. I didn’t

feel too bad about this, at least I didn’t have the hot chips that were there!



Afternoon tea and seriously wished I’d had yesterday’s lunch for today’s as I really was hungry. Had another couple slices of melon and more herbal tea to fill that little void. The seminar finished around 5pm and couldn’t wait to get home to eat food! I was mentally exhausted after 8 hours of sitting in a chair, then had to drive home in rush hour! (waaa)


I couldnt help it.... I caved in and had a glass of wine (ooopsie)


Dinner was pan fried salmon, roast kumara, parsnips, carrot and turmeric cauliflower rice. I had heaps and then had heaps of water to make myself feel better about the wine!!


Time for Tea - BeauTea, great to drink in the evening as it helps aid healthy digestion and creates healthy clear beautiful skin!

Overall - an easy day food wise as didn’t need to prep much. Just wish I’d thought about taking something more substantial for lunchtime. But it’s definitely NOT HARD to do this cleanse when going to any sort of seminar or training events. It just takes willpower not to be tempted by the foods around you!

Romy Grbic