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Welcome to your new favourite membership

We all want glowing skin, and we want it now. Welcome to Get Glowing, a monthly subscription that gets you access to an instant glow anytime you like. Sign up to our Get Glowing membership, and you’ll get yourself an all access pass to our LED Lounge - anytime you feel like an LED, you just come on in and off you go. No booking required. Before we let you loose we’ll be sure to educate you on how to best prep your skin, and all the tools you need will be available. Booking is suggested, but not essential. Sign up for the cost of 2 LED facials per month, for as many as you would damn well please.

your investment//

Have you already completed an LED course with us? If you have, you’ll pay only $180 per month for unlimited LED sessions.

Haven’t completed an LED course with us? Either talk to us about purchasing a pack of 10 (which also includes a Skin Health Assessment and an Intuitive Facial) to pay only $180 per month thereafter, or simply start on the unlimited at $320 per month.

Minimum membership is 3 months, 30 days notice is required to cancel your membership.

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