Balanced beauty, body & mind

The 12 week Rebalance Your Hormones programme has been designed to do exactly what it says: bring balance to your hormones, periods and teach you about your own feminine cycle. Hormonal health is key to overall wellbeing, skin health, energy, detoxing, digestive health and of course fertility (or contraception), and over 12 weeks Kelly, our in-house naturopath, will work with you to bring your cycle back into balance.

If you’re struggling with PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, fatigue, gut and digestive issues, missing periods, long cycles, short cycles, acne, anxiety… (and anything in between) this is the programme for you! As well as 4 sessions with Kelly, you will also receive an Intuitive Facial, to really amplify your relaxation and downtime, and allow your innate healing ability to switch on.


Balanced Beauty, Body & Mind

What’s included:

1x 90 minute Initial Consultation with Kelly, our naturopath & medical herbalist, during which she will take a full case history with you in order to create a custom-made treatment plan

3x follow up appointments with Kelly, to track your progress, make adjustments as needed and celebrate your wins!

1x 60 minute Intuitive Facial where you can fully relax, restore and let go of all your stress. You will be nurtured under the healing hands of your facialist who will tailor your facial to your skin’s needs on the day

Your investment // $597