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Day 1

Come in for your first Skin Camp appointment. During this session we will take photos of your skin using our OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Device, by which we can tailor make your treatment and home care plans, to achieve the results you want and ultimately healthy skin. You’ll take home your Skin Camp pack which includes a full size Bestow Beauty Plus oil, full size Janesce B Complex skin supplements, a Bestow Beauty Tea and ‘7 Days of Me’ healthy eating meal planner. At this appointment you will also enjoy a 50 minute Skin Fit facial, designed by your facialist to treat your unique skin.

Days 2-29

To achieve your best Skin Camp results, you need to take your skin supplements daily, as recommended by your facialist. This is your Bestow Beauty Plus oil and your Janesce B Complex. Take time out for yourself every day too, and enjoy a cup of your Bestow Beauty tea. Make sure you are avoiding the foods your facialist told you to avoid, and following your 7 Days of Me menu, for best results. Your facialist may have also recommended skincare for you, which you should now start using too.

Day 30

You come back into the clinic for your next appointment, where we will take more photos of your skin using the OBSERV, and see what progress you’ve made so far! Your facialist will recommend any additions your skin may need, foods you may need to avoid, and recommend a treatment plan you may like to begin to achieve your healthiest skin yet. You are more than welcome to also book another facial to enjoy at this appointment too, because you deserve it!

your investment // $250 (valued at $349.50)