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At The Beauty Elixir we know that beauty is more than skin deep. That's why we work holistically and utilise our knowledge in skin nutrition, skin care, naturopathy and stress management to curate your unique Skin Fitness Journey. Every first time client who wants to correct, treat and remedy any skin disorder such as acne, rosacea, eczema, perioral dermatitis, sensitivity, congestion or breakouts, is recommended to start with a 12 week Skin Fitness Programme. We need at least 12 weeks to start to correct your skin from the inside out, and the outside in, and for you to start to make real changes in your skin and your life.


Start here

Our first date

At your first appointment we will take a deep look into your skin, lifestyle, nutrition, stress and find out your skin goals and desired outcomes.  We'll go through suggested skin nutrition & supplements if these are needed, as well as your initial skin care program. If you want to add a skin treatment to your first session you may.



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Checking in

We like to check in with you about a week after our first date, to make sure you're on the right track and go over your Skin Health Plan that we've emailed to you earlier. If we need to make any adjustments to your nutrition, supplements or skin care we will do that now. This appointment usually doesn't involve a skin treatment, but can if we're treating something such as congestion or stubborn acne.



Time to relax

Whenever you have a facial with us we honour your time and hold space to allow you to fully relax, because it is only when you truly relax that your parasympathetic nervous system can take over and innate healing can start to happen. We tailor make each facial to what your skin needs on the day, so no 2 are ever exactly the same.


skin food

Beauty begins within

From your first appointment we will start discussing what you're currently eating, and guide you to make better skin-food choices. We have lots of hand outs that we can supply you with for quick and easy reference for foods you should include more of and perhaps some that you should reduce or completely avoid.




How you move and play

Exercise can be an extremely positive part of people's lives, however sometimes the type of exercise you're doing, depending on your skin's state of health and your desired outcomes, can actually be detrimental to your skin! We will go over this and make recommendations for you within your Skin Health Journey.




How stress affects your skin and what you can do about it

Stress is one of the biggest causes of disease within the body, and it's effect on one's skin is paramount. Acne, inflammation, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions can all be driven by or made worse by stress. We will recommend stress management techniques to you and ensure every time you're under our hands you are able to melt away stress, at least for an hour.




Allowing self-healing to occur

Naturopathy involves a tailor-made treatment for each individual. It is about preventing and treating disease, maintaining optimal health and promoting a person’s self-healing process through the healing power of nature.




The A to Zinc of skin nutrition

In order to function properly, skin cells require specific nutrition. Our goal is to empower you to choose the best foods to support skin health in the long term, but we also work with supplements as some nutrients need extra supplementation (at the beginning). We work with multiple ranges of skin-specific supplements, which we use in conjunction with healthy nutrition and skincare, to support healthy skin from within.



Your 12 week Skin Coaching Programme Includes:

  • A comprehensive naturopathic skin health consultation with Vicki or Romy at The Beauty Elixir.

  • 5 x Skin Health check-in sessions with Vicki or Romy at The Beauty Elixir.

  • Text and email support throughout the 12 weeks.

  • A customised 12-week prescription for topical skincare and skin nutrition.

  • A Janesce ‘7 Days of Me’ Vital Cleanse pack for your clean-eating detox in week one. The pack includes the 7 Days of Me book (complete with cleanse recipes and a 7 day meal planner and shopping guide), Janesce Aperitif to assist detoxification, Bestow Beauty Plus Oil.

  • Bestow Gut Love Powder to use alongside Bestow Beauty Plus Oil for essential skin nutrition.

  • Janesce Zinc supplement

  • Janesce B-Complex supplement

  • Education about congesting foods and heating foods and their impact on skin.

  • A wellness tip or self-care ritual each session.

  • An Express Intuition Facial as an early reward for your dedication to the process.

  • 2 x The Beauty Elixir Signature Intuitive Facials to accelerate hydration and boost skin transformation process. The luxurious, botanical, slow beauty facials care for the soul as well as the skin.

Your investment // $997

$1287 worth of value for $997. Payment is required upfront at Session One.