next level skin treatments to reset your skin this winter.

collagen induction therapy / lymphatic enzyme facial / skin supplements and

nutrition recommendations


Come in for your first Skin Camp 2.0 appointment. During this session we will take photos of your skin using our OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Device, which give us a good baseline reading of your current state of skin health, plus we will use these to compare to your bound-to-be-amazing ‘after’ photos in 6 weeks time. You’ll take home your Skin Camp 2.0 pack which includes a full size Bestow Beauty Plus oil, full size Janesce B Complex skin supplements, and ‘7 Days of Me’ healthy eating meal planner. Depending on your current state of skin health you will either have your Collagen Induction Therapy treatment today, or your skin health therapist will recommend a customised homecare plan to get your skin CIT-ready!


4-7 days after your Collagen Induction Therapy, your skin will be feeling a little tight, perhaps a little flaky, due to the high volume of activity the cells are going through to repair and rejuvenate post-CIT. It’s now you deserve some pampering and your skin some intense hydration. Today you’ll come in and enjoy a 90 minute treatment, which will include a gentle enzyme exfoliation followed by our Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy, which promises to leave your skin absolutely glowing and radiant!


Now it’s your turn - how serious are you about achieving and maintaining youthful, healthy skin? We recommend you utilise the ‘7 Days of Me’ meal planner and recipe cards as much as possible, so you can build healthy skin from the inside out. You’ll also need to take your Bestow Beauty Plus oil and B Complex daily, to hydrate and nourish your skin from within. We will want to see you again in a few weeks, to take your after photos using the OBSERV, and by then you’ll be dreaming of your next facial too, so you may as well get that booked in in advance.

your investment // $579 (valued at $734)

it is recommended you complete the original skincamp prior to signing up

for skincamp 2.0, unless you are a regular client of ours. alternatively you

will need to book an initial skin health assessment, so we can ensure your

skin is ready to get the best results from your collagen induction therapy