What to expect on your first visit…

For all our first time clients, it is not essential that you book a skin health assessment, however we love being given the opportunity to go through this with you, so we are able to totally curate your skin health goals & plan with you.

At your initial skin health assessment, we will remove your makeup (unless you’ve come with clean skin, in which case, gold star to you!), and take photos of your skin using our OBSERV skin imaging device. This allows us to take a look at what’s going on beneath the surface of your skin and see your true oil production and flow, inflammation, hydration, pigmentation and overall skin health and vitality.

We will also go through your current skincare, your diet and lifestyle and any gut or hormonal issues you may be affected by. With a qualified nutritionist on our team we can confidently help you in this area, and always refer out to a naturopath if needed. You’ll take home dietary recommendations, recipes and nutrition plans so you can start creating healthy skin from within straight away.

We will also address your stress levels - stress has a huge impact on your skin - and give you tips that you can implement as soon as you get home, should you want to.

Based on your needs, we will go through all our recommendations including the what and the why of skincare, supplements and nutrition so you leave feeling armed with all the knowledge of how to create your healthiest skin from within!

After we’ve gone through all of that, if you’ve booked our Initial Skin Health Assessment & Intuitive Facial we will take you through into one of our cosy facial rooms, where you can relax and enjoy your hour of bliss.