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Make long lasting change to your skin, today

We are a boutique skin health clinic in Auckland, New Zealand, created to combine the power of plants, herbs, foods and skincare to create your healthiest skin from the inside out and the outside in. Find out more


We recommend every new client starts with a Skin Health Assessment

In your Skin Health Assessment, we will dive deep into your skin. We will go through your skincare, diet, lifestyle, stress and discuss your skin goals and desired outcomes. From this, we will create your own Skin Health Program. In your Skin Health Assessment, we will be taking photos of your skin using our OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Camera. If possible, we ask you arrive with clean skin, having washed your face at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. We understand this is not always possible if you're coming from work or other commitment, so if you can't, just know you're not the first (and won't be the last) to arrive with a full face of makeup on, and we certainly can work around this! Find out how to start your Skin Health Program today.



We only work with skincare products that respect the skin's barrier

At The Beauty Elixir we follow the principles of corneotherapy, which means we work to repair and strengthen the skin's barrier defence systems. We hand pick and trial all the skincare products we use before we will recommend anything, so you can rest assured knowing you will only be recommended products that will work with your skin rather than against it. We are completely cruelty free, against animal testing and almost vegan (apart from a couple of items, which we will make sure you're aware of if you're this way inclined).



Made in Germany to the highest of corneotherapy standards, Dermaviduals understands that every skin is unique, so we are able to tailor make each and every facial and product to your skin's exact needs. 


True skin transformation is only possible when we work topically and internally. Janesce offers the whole package with powerful botanical skincare, supplements and skin-nutrition programmes designed to heal skin from within.

bestow beauty

Bestow offers a beautiful range of skin nutrition boosters, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within. Made in Tauranga but dermo-nutritionist Janine Tait with the highest quality ingredients for optimal skin-boosting benefits.



New Zealand made corneotherapeutic skincare, made in Wellington to the highest of standards to always respect the skin’s barrier. As well as respecting the skin, Prologic highly respects the environment and puts sustainability at their core.


Ready to have us as your healthy skin cheerleaders?

We are located at 56 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn

You can book your facial direct online or give us a call on (09) 218 9851.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Romy & The Beauty Elixir Team

A holistic approach to skin health means understanding and respecting the intricate connection between mind, body & skin
— Romy Burgess,founder & director,The Beauty Elixir