attune facials

Attune / verb / “make receptive or aware”

Your skin is as unique as the swirl on your fingertip, so every facial is specifically tailored to your current skin and energetic requirements.

Choose your time frame and allow your skin, body and soul to be attuned and balance and harmony restored. All our facials will include aroma inhalations, corneotherapeutic and natural skin care products chosen to suit your skin’s requirements, lifting + deeply relaxing massage, crystal body placement and attuning energy work.


signature attune facial 90

$200 with Vicki / $250 with Romy / 90 minutes

The ultimate in luxurious skin treatments, this facial allows you to truly relax and float away to a different dimension. Not only will your facial include enzymes, LED, mask/s and massage, but you will also experience meditation and reiki or energy healing, to deepen your relaxation even further and allow true healing to start to happen at an energetic level.


attune facial 60

$150 with Vicki / $180 with Romy / 60 mins

Allow your body and soul to relax in on of our warm beds while your facialist works her magic on you for a whole hour. This facial can include enzymes, LED, mask/s, massage, energy work, dependent on what your skin, body and mind require on the day.


express attune facial

$99 with Vicki / $139 with Romy / 30 minutes

This facial is for the time poor or for someone just dipping their toes in. Your facialist can choose to include an enzyme treatment, LED, massage, and/or energy work.